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This site is for PHP developers writing applications within Joomla. It focuses on code examples and provides an unofficial documentation repository for anyone to use freely.

If you don’t know PHP and want to start coding to extend your Joomla site then you should spend time learning basic PHP before attempting anything you read here. It is assumed that you know HTML, CSS, SQL and some JavaScript / jQuery. If you know some PHP you might need to learn more. In particular you should be comfortable with using classes, and have at least a vague notion of what MVC means.

Joomla users fit into 3 types.

  1. Users without coding knowledge who build sites with other people's extensions.
  2. Developers who build Joomla sites with a mixture of other people extensions and their own.
  3. Developers who build extentions for distribution.

The material on this site is directed at group 2, though others may be interested. When building for distribution there are more rules you need to follow and plenty of techniques that are fine on your own site that may conflict with other extensions on other people’s sites.

If you have any questions about any techniques shown on this site then I suggetst you ask them on any of the q/a sites listed below.

Places for question and answers regarding Joomla development!forum/joomla-dev-general

Joomla Development Resources

Joomla Conference Talks

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Tutorials, Blogs, Etc with Joomla content. Mixture of content of developer and interface usage.

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